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Based in Warsaw, Poland

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Summer 2019



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--What will you sacrifice in order to survive?--
Discover your limits during the fall of civilization in story-driven game Survive The Blackout.

Survive The Blackout is a narrative survival about journey during the fall of civilization.

Your main goal is reaching the mysterious Light while keeping the group alive by making tough decisions. In the world shattered by Blackout, that destroyed all electronic devices, there will be no good choices as people are desperate to get on with their lives and survive.


The world has ended.

Blackout covered everything as all electronic devices overcharged. Some already lost hope, some are still trying to endure.

Player will lead a group of survivors through the shattered world to one last haven of civilisation - the mysterious Light, seen far over the night horizon. What is the Light? Will the characters find refuge there? Or will it be a trap, set by other survivors? One thing is certain - the road is dangerous and many will try to get there at all costs...


  • Discover the world, in which all known electronics were destroyed in a single incident, almost at your eyes.
  • Make tough decisions, but be ready to accept the consequences… and that sometimes there are no good choices.
  • Lead the team, struggle for survival and face the hardships of new, cruel reality on the way to the mysterious Light.
  • Meet the members of your team and uncover their secrets and backstory, and decide how they will manage their day to day lives in the new, shattered world.
  • Gather and use your resources wisely, as you never know, when you might need them.
  • Discover new elements of the story with each playthrough.
  • ...all the while enjoying minimalistic and atmospheric pixel art


Survive the Blackout - Steam reveal trailer YouTube, .mp4




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About Baby Bison Games

Baby Bison is a five people indie studio from Warsaw, Poland, fighting pixels, crafting code and weaving stories since March 2017.
Our mission is to create involving and exciting games, that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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Survive the Blackout Credits

Joanna Kadyszewska
Producer, Artist, Designer

Piotr Andrzejewski

Karolina Zduńska
Writer, QA Tester

Wojtek Mroczek
Writer, Marketing Specialist

Tomasz Depczyński
Composer, Designer

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